Welcome to Northside of the Map (NSOTM), where Toronto's urban pulse meets the untamed spirit of the Arctic. Founded in 2012, we are a streetwear and lifestyle brand inspired by the fierce resilience of Nanuk, the Polar Bear—Earth's largest land carnivore. 

Nanuk embodies our brand ethos: versatility, regality, and fearlessness. Just like this majestic creature thrives in harsh environments, our products are crafted to withstand the rigors of fashion and time. We are more than a clothing line; we are intuitive reflections of our surroundings. At NSOTM, our mission is simple: to share our creations across lands and people. 

Each garment carries the wild essence of the North and the urban energy of Toronto, connecting individuals through style and individuality. Join us in embracing the spirit of Nanuk—where strength meets elegance, and where fashion becomes a powerful statement. Experience the Northside difference, where every piece tells a story of resilience and grace.